Top 5 Cuts for Girls

Last week we discussed what cuts are considered ‘in’ for boys right now and we realised our clients loved to see the options available to them! So, this week, we decided to discuss the top 5 haircuts we see for girls! We’ve all been the person that goes to the hairdressers and asks for a trim – we like what we already know and it can be daunting stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing a new style, so we’re giving you the following information to help make the decision easier and give you, and your little ones, some reassurance when picking a new do!

The Bob

Now, the bob has been around for years and there are many different options, allowing it to be adapted to suit every little girl. Our personal favourites are: ‘The Signature Bob’, which allows a short blunt cut, creating an edgy haircut and easy to style look and ‘The Graduated Bob’, which has a shorter and more textured back with a longer front, an excellent way to rock the bob that allows for lots of volume. The bob is an excellent style to choose if you like shorter hair but want to avoid the more drastic cuts. Although, it’s important to remember that this style needs maintenance through frequent trims and cuts! The perk of this look is that it’s extremely easy to style and requires little day to day input – perfect for both sleek straight hair and a wavy textured look.

Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is often more popular amongst the adults, but recently children are getting braver and braver, starting to opt for this look in order to show off their unique style and personality. The pixie cut is a short and layered cut, however, this doesn’t have to be an extremely short look with many opting for a longer pixie cut (which is especially great with wavy or curly hair). The pixie cut is a cool and well-shaped look, meaning that it does need styling at home! This means it probably isn’t for you or your little one if you prefer a lower maintenance daily life. Although, styling isn’t as hard as it seems – some texturising and volumising mousse does the trick with a little ruffle of the hair.

The Lob

The lob is one of our absolute favourites! You probably know this means a long bob, for medium length hair. Typically cut at the shoulders in a blunt style with lots of layers, the lob is great for adding volume to your hair and can be worn in a variety of way! This is the kind of haircut you can get away with cutting a little less regularly because of its length and layers, which help hide a multitude of sins. Plus, not only that, it requires very little styling – whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or something else entirely you can wake up and be ready to go with this look.


Bangs, aka Fringes. What we love about bangs is they can be done in a variety of ways whether this be a side fringe, curtain bangs or full fringe…there is something for everyone. Bangs help make a plain and simple haircut look a little more exciting and they are an excellent way to opt for a change without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. Due to the variety of options available there’s a style to suit everyone, some being lower maintenance than others. Remember, due to the importance of bangs being kept well shaped and the correct length we do recommend a regular cut, but the perks of being a customer at HairPlay is that we offer a specific service for trimming those fringes, meaning lower cost and the ability to let the rest of your hair grow out.

Long and Layered

Finally, this is the one most of our clients opt for. As a little girl many of us want that gorgeous, long princess hair and that is exactly what this cut offers. It’s a simple cut that doesn’t require much work or styling, but also allows the hair to be worn in many different ways such as plaits, buns and ponytails. Long and layered hair is the perfect option if you don’t like getting your haircut too often, although, as always, we recommend a regular trim (this option just lets you get away with a longer gap between cuts). Plus, no matter the texture of your hair it’s the perfect option for you and you can opt to show your individuality by the way you wear it, rather than the way you cut it (perhaps a great option for the scared Mums and Dads who aren’t ready to give their daughter’s hair the chop).
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