5 Ways to Care for your Child's Hair.

Child’s Hair Care Tips

Adorable Styles
Adorable Styles
Caring for your child’s hair can be difficult at the best of times, whether it be due to the fact they’re eager to go and play, their hair is completely different to your own, or simply because not everyone is an expert in hairdressing…but we have you covered. We wanted to break down some of our top tips for you so that you have a variety of easy ways you can help manage, maintain, and care for your child’s hair. We hope you find these hints and tips helpful! Here at HairPlay we can’t wait to see your child’s beautiful and healthier looking hair next time they come for their cut.
  1. Regular Trims

This one is simple, and we will take care of it for you. A regular trim really is important for your child’s hair. By keeping a regular cutting schedule it will help rid your child of any split ends – not only does this lead to healthier looking hair (you are getting rid of brittle hair which leads to breakage), but it appears as though your child’s hair is growing fast. This is a little strange, we know, but healthier hair is the key to long luscious locks.
  1. The Hairbrush

How many of you own a simple plastic hairbrush that you use daily on your child’s hair? Although these brushes are fine, many people advise that you avoid using a plastic hairbrush 24/7. We recommend investing in a brush with some softer bristles which help you gently take care of your child’s hair. These brushes allow you to distribute the scalps natural oils throughout the hair and claim to lift away dirt! Brushes with a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles will ensure the best of both worlds and we advise looking out for the closeness of the bristles: close together is good for fine hair, further apart is best for thicker hair.
  1. Detangle

We’ve mentioned this before – detangling your child’s hair is crucial. How are you going to keep their hair healthy and manageable if it is tangled 24/7 (although, let’s face it…kid’s make this very hard)? Use a detangle brush or wide tooth comb when necessary and make sure you use an effective conditioner to maintain those super healthy locks!
  1. Up-Do Kindness

Tying up your child’s hair makes life approximately a thousand times either! We would say we’re being hyperbolic, but we’re not convinced that would be true… Long hair is incredibly difficult to look after, especially if our little ones are out playing and being incredibly active, so an up-do is a useful tool to keep it out of their eyes whilst avoiding the tangled mess we all know and hate. However, there is one issue with this: we often use bobbles and fasteners which are tough on their hair. Hair is delicate and needs to be treated that way! Avoid rubber bands – these are cruel to the hair and often cause pain when removing. Instead, opt for a material covered bobble or, even better, a scrunchie! These tools are much softer and don’t pull at your child’s hair, meaning it won’t weaken it further!
  1. Wash Days

You have probably heard this one before, and it is no myth! Over washing your hair can cause damage to your scalp and follicles. Avoid washing your child’s hair every single day, perhaps opting for every other day. Washing hair too regularly actually causes it to become dry and lifeless, as well as losing its volume. Your hair adapts to its cleaning schedule and the natural oils that our scalp produces is important for its overall health, so we want to avoid stripping it of this every day.
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