Temporary Hair Colour for Kids

Let’s face it, changing your hair colour is the perfect way to express your individuality and show the world your personality. Vibrant hair colours in particular are becoming more and more popular with pinks, reds, blues (and so on, including beautiful mermaid hair)! With celebrities, especially the YouTubers our children love to watch, opting for this vibrant look we are seeing more and more requests from children to change their natural and beautiful locks into more vivid and bright colours. And, whilst we love to give our children what they want and allow them to express their individuality we want to ensure they do it in a safe way that is gentle on their hair and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. That is, of course, where we come in! Here at HairPlay Sutton Coldfield, we have a range of temporary colours which are suitable to use on your child’s hair and we’re going to tell you all about them!

1. Permanent Dye

Typically, permanent hair dye contains lots of chemicals that can be damaging to your hair, something we like to avoid for our children! Many of us adults know the struggles of long-term damaged hair due to the dying process, and how long it takes for your hair to recover and repair itself after this process! We do NOT want our children experiencing the same struggles, especially so young. The chemicals in permanent hair dyes are often irritants and can be bad for your body, hair and, in some cases, provoking severe allergic reactions. This is especially a problem due to the sensitivity of our scalps, especially as children. Chemicals that are frequently found (such as p-Phenylenediamine, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide) dry out your hair, meaning the natural oils struggle to do their job and they can be quite toxic! Do we really want our children exposed to these chemicals? NO WAY! Which is why we offer a safe and softer alternative!

2. Temporary Colour

In order to avoid the harsh chemicals found in most permanent hair dyes at HairPlay we offer the option for your child to change their hair colour temporarily. We use excellent mousse colours which provide many benefits!

3. Temporary

Firstly, the most important aspect of this colour option is that it will wash out! Lighter hair will find the colour lasts for a little longer, but it is by no means permanent. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, in particular it means that if your child opts to turn their hair pink it isn’t going to be a pain to remove (let’s face it, permanently pink hair would be a HUGE decision for someone so young)! Not only that, but it means if their school has rules about what colour their hair can be it still gives them the opportunity to take part in a trendy new style, without getting in trouble!

4. Natural Feel

Due to the fact we use a mousse-based temporary colour it helps maintain the hair’s natural feel. With many other temporary colours (especially sprays and chalks) the hair can feel dry and clumpy, leading to more frequent knots or just an unpleasant feel to your hair. The mousse offers a gentle alternative which means their hair will have a vibrant, gorgeous colour whilst maintaining its natural healthy and soft glow!

5. Chemical and Damage Free

Crucially, one of the most important aspects and reasons to go for this temporary option is that it is incredibly low in chemicals and causes no damage to your child’s natural hair! These colour treatments contain no ammonia or alcohol, so it is a much better and healthier alternative to changing your hair colour! Furthermore, because this type of colouring only coats the outer shaft of your hair it means it doesn’t create damage to hair, typically leaving it with a much healthier shine than before. We know that changing your child’s hair colour is a big deal, especially when they’re so young! So, take this opportunity for your child to experiment and show their individuality in a safe and damage-free way! We promise, you’ll all love the end results.
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