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At HairPlay we offer a full range of services to meet the needs of all our clientele, both children and adults. We know that it is important for you to be able to access a range of services, which are catered for by our excellent stylists and superior hair products, ensuring we are able to offer you the latest trends too.

Whilst we would love to cover everything we have to offer, we can’t quite cover it all, so be sure to take a look at our price list through the link where you can read a bit more about the specific individual services and their cost. We’re certain you’ll be pleased with what you find!

Dry Cuts

These services are perfect for children or parents on the go, or who just need a little hairdressing top-up. Through offering these methods of cut we can ensure you get all the luxury of a new haircut, whilst also helping cut cost and time.
1. Dry cuts
2. Fringe trims/Tidy Ups
3. Dry cut restyle

Wash Cuts

Our stylists can give your child a relaxing hair wash, with excellent shampoo and conditioner to ensure a beautiful, well-conditioned and shining end result for your child: the perfect way to make your little one feel like a grown-up and the true VIP they are.
1. Wash & cuts
2. Wash cut and blowdry
3. Wash Cut Restyle


We know how important styling is in our hair routine, and especially for special events. Our staff are experts at ensuring children can get beautifully styled hair too, such as: plaits, updos and festival hair.
1. Hair up do
2. Plaits
3. Curls


Alongside our more typical salon services we also offer more extensive packages that allow your little ones to be completely pampered. These packages allow your child to get manicures and glitter tattoos, alongside their styling, or even allow you to mark special occasions such as their first haircut or birthday.
1. First hair cut package
2. Pamper package

Family Packages

These packages allow you grown-ups to spend some quality time with your child, whilst also getting a pamper of your own. This allows for Mommy, Daddy and Little one to get their haircut together and removes some of the stress of trying to book into separate salons or find child-care.
1. Mommy and Me
2. Daddy and Me
3. Mommy, Daddy and Me

Mommy Time

This excellent service is quite unique to HairPlay. We understand the challenges of taking time for your self as a parent and this service means you can bring your child into the salon and we will take good care of them whilst you get the hair treatment you’ve been waiting for.

Pamper Parties

These are some of our favourites! We offer a range of party packages for your little one to take advantage of, ensuring they can celebrate a special occasion in a unique and exciting way. These packages allow your child to bring their friends with them and spend the day being pampered, getting their hair styled and much, much more. It’s a truly unique experience for them and their friends!
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