How to Take Care of your Kid's Hair?

How to Take Care of your Kid’s Hair?
Taking care of our hair and making sure that it is clean and knot-free is something that we all do daily. Whether this is for ourselves or our children, however, you may not realize that there are right and wrong ways to take care of your hair. Want to make sure that your kid’s hair looks and feels fantastic for them? As experts in various kids’ cuts, we know what it takes to ensure proper hair care. So, to help you, we have put together our top tips on caring for your kid’s hair.

Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Kid’s Healthy and Beautiful Hair

1. Shampoo as much as they need

The amount of shampoo you need for your child depends on their age and hair type. Toddler only needs their hair washed about three times a week. Older children with oily hair usually need to be washed every other day.

2. Use the right shampoo

You may think that kid-friendly shampoo is a bit of a marketing ploy; however, this is not true at all. For the most part, kids’ shampoo is designed to be the best option for them; it will usually be in a fun fragrance that they enjoy and will try to help to detangle their hair and leave it feeling smooth. It will also be lightweight, so it won’t attach itself to their hair, leaving it heavy and dull.

3. Only use conditioner if you think they need it

Whilst shampoo is a must-have for having clean hair, conditioner isn’t always needed. Conditioner (or your chosen type) will depend on your child’s hair. The conditioner will leave their hair soft, smooth, and shiny; however, if they have oily hair problems, they may find it causes more harm than good. If you want to use conditioner, there are a number to choose from. These include:
  • Leave-in conditioners are the type that is sprayed or rubbed into their hair and will not be rinsed out. These are usually designed to make the detangling process more manageable. However, it can weigh down thin and fine hair.
  • Instant conditioners are the type of conditioner you would buy in a regular shop. They get to work straight away and need to be applied to their hair and washed out quickly.
  • You can also use a deep conditioner to deliver an intense moisture level to your hair. These need to be applied and left for around 15 minutes before being washed out and only need to be used once a month.
For the most part, your child’s hair will do its best to take care of itself. However, being able to offer it a helping hand could leave your child with a beautiful, smooth and glorious shine.
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