Why Haircuts are scary for children.

Why Kids Get Nervous About Haircuts

There is no getting away from the importance of regular haircuts for children. Whether your child’s hair is getting too long and unruly, or it simply needs styling and neatening up, eventually every child needs a haircut. However, for many kids, this is something that makes them extremely nervous. Though as adults we know that a haircut can be a fun and enjoyable experience, a lot of children dread a trip to the hairdressers.   Some Children Hate Having Their Haircut, But Why?  
  • They’re Unsure of the Outcome – Kids often get nervous about haircuts because they are not sure what the outcome will be. Before they sit down to get their hair cut, it’s hard for them to imagine what’s going to happen and what the end result will be. As an adult, it’s nerve wracking enough to put your hair in the hands of someone else, but this feeling is even bigger when you are a child who can’t quite comprehend the haircutting process. Some children also fear that their new haircut might not be what they want, especially if they are particular about their hairstyle.
  • New Noises and Bright Lights Can Be Scary – Even if you choose a children’s barbers or hairdressers, a haircut means being faced with a lot of unfamiliar noises and bright lights. Scissors, clippers, sinks and hair dryers are all noises that some kids might not be familiar with. Not to mention the bright lights, strange smells and new people. The experience as a whole can be overwhelming.
  • They’re Spending Time With Someone New – It is important to find a children’s hairdresser who will be able to make your child feel more comfortable during their haircut experience, such as those here at HairPlay. Children’s hairdressers should always start by asking questions about what they like and dislike, and what can be done to make them more comfortable. A lot of children are nervous about meeting someone new, but a little bit of chit chat goes a long way.
  • They’ve Been Told About the Dangers of Scissors – From a young age, children are continually told about the dangers of scissors. They are told that scissors are sharp and can hurt them, and they’re told not to run with scissors and to take care when using them. It’s a household item that they know can cause harm. So, it’s understandable that a children’s hairdresser holding a pair of scissors close to their head would make them nervous.
  Though a lot of kids get nervous about haircuts, there are things that can be done to make them feel at ease. In fact, a lot of children go on to enjoy the attention and pampering they get during a haircut. One of the easiest things to do is choose a children’s barber or children’s hairdresser, someone who understands how to make a child feel relaxed and comfortable during their hair cut. This is where HairPlay comes in. To find out more, get in touch with our talented team.
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