The HairPlay Experience

children hair dressers dealing with anxiety children hair cutsThe HairPlay Experience Time and time again we tell you that HairPlay is different! Time and time again we tell you that visiting us is more than just going to the hairdressers; it is an experience! And we really mean it. In recent weeks some of our clients have faced challenges – challenges because they’ve previously been scared of the hairdresser and challenges because everything feels a little unknown and weird still (the salon included). Because of these moments, we feel like we have really been able to demonstrate the uniqueness of our salon and how wonderful, caring, and adaptable our staff are. Location, Location, Location. As much as we love our salon and have made every effort to make it a safe, exciting and engaging place to be, we also know that sometimes our clients still need something else. Sometimes that place is somewhere quieter and more relaxed, sometimes it is just a matter of not enjoying sitting in a chair because that’s not where we play! We completely understand this and want to go to every effort to adapt the way we work to suit you and your little one. Recently, due to a nervous little boy and some gorgeous weather, we were lucky enough to be able to move our services outside. Although this isn’t necessarily what him or his mom expected when they came to see us we worked together to make it work and were able to adapt to the situation. It’s understandable that this little one was nervous about stepping foot inside our salon for the first time and we’re so proud of him for managing to take this very brave step towards getting a new haircut. Similarly, we recently also had the experience where one of our little clients didn’t fancy sitting in on of our chairs! These chairs, although we make them child friendly and engaging, make the haircutting process seem a little more serious and daunting for those that aren’t keen on getting their haircut. Luckily, our staff don’t mind sitting on the floor and truly are experts at making everyone feel welcome, happy and comfortable. Flashforward 5 minutes: hairdresser, client and Mum were all sat on the floor for this brave little one’s haircut! Why? So, why are we willing to make these changes for your little ones? Why are we willing to sit on the floor, outdoors or indoors? Because we really care about you! We want everyone to enjoy visiting HairPlay and sometimes that means putting our experts to the test. We’re lucky enough to have some of the kindest and most thoughtful people work for us and they truly are willing to go out of their way to make the experience the best that it can be. One of the brilliant things about us being able to adapt the way we work with your children is that it helps us build up a rapport which makes them excited for their return to the salon! If your little one is nervous about their visit then, please, talk to us! Get in touch, tell us about what is making them scared or uncertain and we will make sure we take every possible step for their experience to be pleasant one.
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