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Self-Care. Okay, this is one purely for the adults! Let’s face it: parenting is a HARD job and we all need to remember to take some time for our own self-care. We want to make sure that every one of you feels they have the time, space and place to do just this. Now, you probably think we have lost the plot a little bit as, after all, we are a salon specifically for children…right? This is true, we are! But, we can’t offer the little ones the very best if we don’t take care of their grown-ups too. As parents or guardians, our children come first: we spend every day making sure they get the absolute best and this means, more often than not, that we forget about our ourselves. Here at HairPlay we genuinely believe that your self-care is crucial too, especially when we are finding our way through a difficult time. A happy, healthy and relaxed grown-up helps ensure that we have happy, healthy and relaxed children in our lives too. How Can HairPlay help? We aren’t stupid…we promise! We know that parenting is (more than) a full-time job which means taking time out for yourself sounds impossible. You might have started reading this and felt like laughing out loud, but we’re here to lend a helping hand! Our Services: Whether you’re a mum, dad, granny, grandad (or anything in between) finding a trusted adult to look after the kids can be tough, especially when you want to do something to benefit yourself, so we have made it easier! Here we offer packages such as: “Mummy and Me”, “Daddy and Me”, “Mummy, Daddy and Me” and “Mommy time”. These services mean that you can give yourself some pamper time, alongside your mini me! We even offer services for the adults, where you can bring your little one into the salon and our friendly staff will help keep them occupied. Perfect, right? We want to ensure that HairPlay is an inclusive environment for everyone and we don’t think you should have to worry or stress about carving out salon time for yourself. Struggling to find time for yourself? Struggling to find child-care? Use our services to ensure you get the best of both worlds and you don’t have to feel guilty whilst doing so!
HairPlay Services
HairPlay Services
Our Self-Care Top Tips: In the meantime, whilst you’re waiting to book one of our wonderful services here are some other top tips for self-care as a very busy parent!
  • Take the time for a hot drink. Use times when your children are busy, or sleeping, and sip away. Appreciate that flavour and the warmth soothing your soul.
  • Create an at home pamper day which your child can take part in. Paint your nails together. Plait each other’s hair. It’ll be relaxing for the both of you!
  • Colouring: an activity perfect for you both. Adult colouring books are all the trend and just 5 minutes losing yourself in a page can make a world of difference.
  • Hugs! Lots of them!
And, did we mention, coming to join us here at HairPlay? Great! We can’t wait to see you for some pampering!   Book Now
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