Celeb hairstyles for Girls

Celeb Hairstyles for Girls As parents we know how much our children love to watch TV and – not only can it be an absolute lifesaver day to day when we need to keep them occupied or give ourselves a break, it’s also great inspiration for new haircuts and styles. Due to this, we have decided to pick out some of the stars which your children know and love (their idols) to help inspire you on your next visit to HairPlay.
  1. Isabela Merced aka Dora the Explorer and CJ Martin
One of the things we love about Isabela Merced is that she has such excellent style and, lucky for us, has played some major roles which bring us a variety of hairstyles, creating the perfect muse for any salon visit. Firstly, as her role as CJ Martin on Nickelodeon Isabela kept her hair long and natural. With hair passing her shoulders she opted for a side parting and layers, often wearing her hair blow-dried and curled. This is a gorgeous and natural look which is ideal for young girls who have textured and thick hair, although this works lovely even with poker-straight hair too. Furthermore, we have also seen Isabela take to the big screen with Dora the Explorer – The Movie. Again, she took advantage of her lovely thick and naturally wavy hair when adopting Dora’s classic look – a choppy bob and full fringe. Since the release of the popular film, we have had so many children request to have the same look as Dora and we absolutely adore it every time. Plus, what could be better than such a versatile look which we have seen Isabela style numerous ways: wavy, straight, bangs out or bangs clipped back. It’s a classic that we don’t think we will ever be bored of seeing!
  1. JoJo Siwa
JoJo is a YouTube sensation who seems to be continually growing in popularity. As a dancer and actress, JoJo is an extremely talented individual but one of the reasons we really wanted to explore her style and use her as inspiration is because she is unapologetically herself. JoJo’s style is iconic and unique! JoJo’s hair is extremely long and, surprisingly, naturally wavy. Typically, she has this cut without much layering or feathering, and due to this, it allows a lot of flexibility in how it can be styled. First and foremost, it looks gorgeous in her go-to style of a straightened and sleek high ponytail which is super easy to recreate at home! However, recently we have seen her step out of her comfort zone a little more and she has shown us that with such gorgeous locks the world is your oyster – this cut is perfect for varying where you have your parting, wearing it straight, wavy, braided and so on. The possibilities are quite honestly endless.
  1. Ruth Righi aka Sydney
Finally, another incredible Disney star who many of our clients look to for inspiration is Ruth Righi, who you may know from Sydney to the Max. Ruth Righi’s hair is shoulder length, which we love because we feel like it’s practical for all children of all ages! This isn’t just hair for a Hollywood star but for active youngsters with a variety of hair types. By opting for a blunt cut we can give the appearance of thicker locks and lots of volume, meaning this is great even if your child’s hair isn’t super thick. We also love this style because despite it being slightly shorter in length it is still versatile and looks particularly amazing straight or with a soft/natural curl at the ends.  
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