Celeb Hairstyles for Boys

Celeb Hairstyles for Boys When it comes to hair inspiration our children are often influenced by some of the biggest stars they see on screen. What better influences than child stars themselves – young children and adults who your little ones are exposed to and whose style and choices influence their own. Because of this, we decided to explore what we think are some of the best celeb hairstyles!
  1. Dakota Lotus aka Cooper Wrather
Dokota Lotus shot to fame on the Disney Channel (you know, that channel which seems to always be on and may now only be the only channel left on your TV?) Dokota plays a loveable and funny character and is an incredibly talented actor and at just 15 years old he has a style that we already adore. Typically he is seen sporting a soft side parting with longer hair on top, swept to the side to create a quiff with plenty of volume and texture (we’d recommend hair wax or similar to avoid the ‘wet look’ created by gel). What we really love about this particular haircut is it’s easy to maintain and has remained very stylish! Plus, since Dokota sides are short (although not completely shaved) it’s perfect for almost all hair colours and types, as well as a style that grows out nicely too. We also think that it’s the perfect haircut for those whose school’s have a strict uniform policy which means that boys aren’t allowed shaven hair.
  1. Asher Angel
Asher Angel is a previous Disney star, playing the role of Jonah Beck in Andi Mack, however, as both he and your little ones grow up he is taking on more major roles on the silver screen, most recently joining the DC Comics’ universe for Shazam! What we love about Asher’s style is it’s quite unique and he has a very daring, bold and adventurous look which manages to combine personality and style perfectly! Similarly to Dokota, Asher has quite long locks, although has chosen to style this is in a completely different way. Asher styles his long hair spiked up (again, avoiding gel) to create a voluminous look and a true Rockstar look. This style is absolutely perfect for boys who like long hair, or are nervous in the salon! And, although we know this isn’t for everyone we really do love it and think it’s definitely a cut for those who are quite adventurous and bubbly!
  1. Rohan Chand aka Mowgli
The legendary Mowgli is a character we all know and love and due to the latest Disney remake of The Jungle Book, many young children were inspired by Rohan Chand – and maybe some adults too! Rohan Chand has a softer more relaxed look than some of the other hairstyles we have featured and his haircut is perfect for boys who have textured or wavy hair. Plus, it’s good for Moms and Dads who like to be able to brush their child’s hair and be on the go with very little styling necessary. With mid-length hair to his chin, Rohan takes advantage of his natural soft curls with some layering. The length of this haircut allows him to show off how thick and healthy his hair is and we would recommend it for those with similarly textured hair!
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