Most Recommended Hair Styling Products for Boy

Most Recommended Hair Styling Products for Boy
As hairdressers we are pros in styling hair and we know exactly what it is we should use to get the results you are looking for, however, we also know that this can be much more complicated if you are a novice or find the variety of hair products available overwhelming. At HairPlay, we always want to supply you, parents, with the most useful information we can which is why we have decided to put together this guide which will help you distinguish the different hair products available to use on your little man’s hair, and which is best for your desired look.

List of Best Child Friendly Hair Styling Products

1. Clay

This is a product that you can pick up from almost anywhere, including your local supermarket (and there are a lot of varieties on offer), however, it is also one of the products we find most overlooked when styling boys hair! Clay is a great basic product which is suitable for most little boys.   As we continue to see the popularity of the short back and sides in our salon this has become our most highly recommended item as it has a range of benefits. What we love about clay is that it allows you to create a hairstyle that will hold all day (despite running and playing) with lots of volume and texture, helping hair appear thicker and healthier. This product offers a great natural-looking end result as it appears matte when in the hair, rather than the typical ‘shiny’ look which lots of other products create. We guarantee that pretty much every perfect quiff you’ve ever seen – on the high street, TV screen or red carpet has been created through the use of a clay hair product!

2. Paste

Another versatile product which we would highly recommend!   Similarly to clay this is an excellent product for natural-looking hair with plenty of volume and hold, however, we encourage you to use it slightly differently for best results (which means some people prefer this more as it fits in better with their routine). Typically paste is applied to wet hair and then with the simple use of a hairdryer and comb (or even your hands), you can manipulate your hair until you achieve the look you want. It’s hard to go wrong with this product, meaning it’s easy to use for both young and old – and your little one is likely to be able to begin styling their own hair.

3. Salt Spray

So, this is one you can buy once again from almost any store, but, of course, one of it’s greatest perks is that you can make this yourself at home so it can be extremely cheap and affordable! Absolutely perfect if you are on a budget and also like a minimal effort product.   Salt spray is perfect if your little man has curly hair or is going for the surfer look which we have mentioned before – it adds definition to your hair’s curls or layers and helps create volume and texture. It basically helps create a beach look whilst you’re at home. Perfect!

4. Gel

Now, we are going to make a little assumption that we all know what this one is – mainly because we imagine that most of you parents were around during the previous trend of using gel in every hairstyle possibly! Although we don’t recommend it to be used quite as much as it used to be it’s a great product which definitely has its uses!   Gel, as we’re sure you know, dries hard – this means it has a very long-lasting hold on your little one’s hair. Alongside that, due to the wet look nature of gel, it can also add an extra sheen to your hair which is perfect for some old school spikes.
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