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Our Staff We often say that what makes HairPlay unique and different to other hair salons is our staff. We love to shout from the rooftops how incredible all our stylists are: kind, funny, friendly, talented, skilled and we could go on (and on and on). The reason we say these things though is because they’re all true – our staff really do make us what we are. Here at HairPlay we are very proud of the fact that all staff are fully trained Level 3 Professional Stylists and we wanted to take this opportunity to explain to you what this actually means and why it is something that is very important to us.
Jade one of 4 fabulous Hairplay stylists
What is it? Firstly, we should probably clarify what this ‘Level 3” even is. This is the qualification that all our hairdressers have received and worked towards in order to work at our salon. There are numerous qualifications available in this field, the most common being NVQ levels 1, 2 and 3. Level 1 is for those completely new to the industry, Level 2 is for those with some experience in hairdressing and who want to be a Junior Stylist and then, finally, Level 3 develops all hairdressing skills at a more advanced level for those who have already achieved their level 2 and are hoping to become Senior Stylists.   What does this mean? This means that here at HairPlay we require the highest skilled staff to work with us, ensuring those that work at the salon are some of the most experienced in the business. The reason we do this is because we feel every one of our clients deserves the absolute best for their hair and we don’t want to charge our clients more for seeing a more experienced member of staff! Due to specialising in children’s hairstyling we have found that those more experienced in hairdressing are more confident with some of the challenges of styling or cutting children’s hair – which is exactly why you come to us! Our hairdressers are genuine experts which means if, for example, there is a fidgeter in their chair this isn’t daunting for them and they know what the best thing to do is to make your child feel more at ease. Alongside this, we also pride ourselves on offering services for Mum’s and Dad’s, whilst their children as helpfully looked after, meaning that our staff are able to perform any treatment that you may seek at an ordinary salon too! It is truly the best of both worlds.
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