First Haircut

The First Haircut

Your baby’s first haircut is a huge day and, often, a little bit of an emotional one: they’re growing up! Over many years parents have been honouring their child’s first haircut by keeping a locket of their hair, but here at HairPlay we know it’s more than just about the hair. The first cut is an experience for both parent and child, and a huge step in your baby growing up. We like to make sure we honour it perfectly and create a moment for you to remember and cherish.

The First Cut Package:

First Haircut Package
First Haircut Package
Because of what a special occasion your child’s first haircut is, here at HairPlay we offer a specific package to cater for this momentous occasion! With our package you not only know that your child is in a warm, safe environment where they feel at ease, but they’re also at the hands of an expert that can calm any of their (or your) worries. When you leave the salon, to mark the occasion, you’ll leave with: a fresh trim, a framed photograph to cherish, a presentation box with a locket of your child’s hair (in keeping with the tradition) and a free gift for your little one. This day is a big day and could shape the way your little one views the salon: we want them and you leaving with a smile on your faces and excited to return, as well as with the beautiful memories you both deserve! We also want to put you at ease, and we hope some of the following information will do exactly that!

Will My Child be Nervous?

As much as we would like to say no to this, we are aware that this is a completely new environment for your child, BUT, we will do everything we can to put them at ease. We can assure you, that by the time they leave they will be in LOVE with HairPlay and eager to return. The likelihood is they will feed off your energy: if you are calm and relaxed, they will feel the same. Plus, this is exactly what we cater for! Our salon is full of many exciting things that will make it feel more like a playroom than a hairdresser’s. With our cars to sit in, iPads to play with, TVs and colourful décor, which will engage children of all ages, your child is likely to feel relaxed and excited to join us for their haircut.
Confident Transformation
Confident Transformation

What Can I Do to Help?

As their guardian and loved ones you know your little one best, so we have all the information you need to help use this knowledge to your advantage.


What we do recommend, especially for a first cut, is to book at a time which is most suitable for your child. If you know there is a time of day where they would typically take a nap or get a little cranky (we’ve all been there), then avoid it. Choose a time where they are likely to be awake and cheerful – it will make the experience a lot easier for them if it fits into their normal schedule and is at a time where they are most relaxed. If it is during snack time, then don’t forget their snacks! We don’t want to take away from their normal routine and make the experience more stressful than needed.


DO NOT PANIC! We are used to working with children here at HairPlay, which means this is something you don’t have to worry about. Kids of all ages need to move and wriggle about, and this is something we know happens. Don’t panic if your child starts fidgeting as it is their VERY first haircut EVER! We’ve got it, don’t worry, and they will still come out with a wonderful haircut.


Now, we aren’t just saying this just because we love seeing repeat customers (although we do, as we have gotten to know some awesome parents and children since we opened), but routine is key. If your child knows they’re likely to see their hairdresser again, they’ll be much more comfortable with their first time cut: they will know that this is someone they should trust and someone they will get  to know in the long run. We often find it helps put the parents at ease too! So, no matter which salon you choose, try to be consistent. The first cut experience is one that sticks with them: go somewhere exciting and safe, somewhere that will put them at ease and somewhere that they’ll feel happy returning to again, making not only the first haircut but everyone that follows an enjoyable time.   Finally, we just want to say, we know its an honour to be considered for your little one’s first haircut, so thank you for coming here and considering us. We hope to see you for the full HairPlay experience soon. This moment is a big one and we want to celebrate and honour it with you! Honestly, some of our favourite pictures are those cute smiling faces pre and post their first cut – go check them out if you need any more convincing!
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