Everything you need to know about Festival Hair

Everything you need to know about Festival Hair
Over the past few years, we have seen festival hair sweep the nation. Whilst this started off as a trend for the adults, we have seen it adapt and grow, now catering for our little ones too! This is something which is requested frequently here at HairPlay, so we thought we would give you the Festival Hair Guide: What is it? Why is everyone SO obsessed with it? And, crucially, is this safe for my child’s hair? festival cut panoramic

What is Festival Hair? And Why Do We Want It?

Festival hair is a broad term, but that’s because it’s all about creativity! Our stylists and our clients get to use their imagination to create something artistic, fun and exciting. But, to clarify a little further what this unique hair trend is all about we will give you some ideas! Often, festival hair is all about the braids, the colours and the glitter (OF COURSE)! These hairdos allow you to be completely creative with your look and truly feel like the belle of the ball. Due to the uniqueness of this style it’s now the perfect way for children to express themselves, and look cool whilst doing it, without any of the permanency that adults often opt for! festival-cut-for-boys

But We Aren’t Festival Goers

Now, I know what you’re thinking… Is festival hair surely for festivals? Sure! That’s where it stemmed from at least! But, if lockdown taught us anything it was how creative we can be in order to engage our little ones and celebrate in an unusual fashion. Over the last few months, we have seen parents attempting to colour their children’s hair with crepe paper. We have seen parents host virtual mini-festivals for their children’s birthday parties. So, who says this has to end now? As we head back to a bit of normality it seems like the perfect opportunity to take what we learned with us: let’s continue to be unique, and creative and have fun! And, here at HairPlay Sutton Coldfield, we say: “Start with the hair!”

Will it Damage my Child’s Hair?

Now, as we said earlier, we understand that adults often opt for a more permanent version of changes to their hair, but this isn’t necessary! We have found many safe and temporary ways for your child to take part in ALL of the excitement with NONE of the damage! YES! All the spray in colours and glitters we use here at HairPlay are soft on the hair and completely temporary. If you’re child has a lighter hair shade it may last slightly longer, but we assure you it will wash out and your child’s hair will return to its former glory: perfect and healthy.

Should We Do It?

We think so! Plus, after such a long period of lockdown and no hairdressers what better way is there to get your child into the salon than with the promise of some quirky and exciting hair? I know that here at HairPlay we would jump at the chance and we can’t wait to be back to it!   festival-cut-butterflies Book Now
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