List of Best Trending Boys' Top Hairstyles in 2023

List of Best Trending Boys’ Top Hairstyles in 2023
Attention parents! It’s time to give your little man a fresh new look. Wondering which haircuts are trendy and easy to manage? We’ve got you covered with our top picks of boy’s haircuts that are sure to make him stand out. From classic crew cuts to trendy undercuts, we’re here to help you choose the perfect hairstyle for your son. So, sit back and relax as we take you through our guide of the best boys’ haircuts in town!

Top Recommended Boys Hair Cuts

We know we often talk about the best way to care or style long hair, and we are also aware that not every boy opts for long hair. Due to this, we recognise the difficulties of understanding and choosing a suitable hairstyle for young men, so we wanted to help you by list of the most common styles they opt for and their benefits/downfalls.

1. The Quiff Haircut

boys quiff hair cut
boys quiff haircut
An increasingly popular style for young men today as more and more footballers have chosen this cut. Who doesn’t want to look like their idol? This cut is typically good for all hair types and textures, with short sides and a long top, which is brushed up and back. We love this style as it is a little more creative and individual than some other boys’ cuts, keeping a real stylish edge to their look. Although some parents find this cut a little daunting because of styling, it is actually really easy to do: invest in some hair clay (or similar product) and you can get the exact same result as we will give you in the salon. It is important to know that if this is the haircut you select it does need maintaining: that means a regular hair cut!

2. The Classic Haircut

a classic boys hair style
a classic boys hair style
This one is exactly what it says on the tin. We have had this style for years and years, and it isn’t going anywhere. This one is a clean and stylish schoolboy cut (modelled perfectly by Prince George)! It’s slightly different to other boys’ cuts because it tends to have slightly longer sides and is typically styled with a side parting. The major perk of this is that because it is a fairly even cut, it grows out quite well and is extremely easy to maintain! Of course, we still recommend a regular trim, but you can usually get away with this one growing out a little longer than other styles.

3. The Surfer Haircut

surfer look boys hair cut
surfer look boys hair cut
Another popular style which is a great look, especially in the summer! And, we can’t lie, this one is very popular with moms! The surfer is a longer, floppy style with layers – named after its Californian surfer vibe! This style is great for boys (or moms) that aren’t ready to lose their locks, but still want a very styled and smart look. Again, because it’s a little longer it can grow out a little more whilst maintaining the overall shape and style. We love this look, but remember it is prone to tangling more than most boys’ cuts, so it is important to consider whether your child’s hair type or activity level is appropriate for this one!

4. The Buzz Haircut

Boys Buzz Cut
Boys Buzz Cut
Short, simple and easy to take care of! The buzz is a simple and basic buzz cut, keeping your child’s hair short all over. This is a great style for boys constantly on the go, interested in sports or that like a low maintenance cut with little ‘faff’. We also think it’s great for those late sleepers that struggle to get up in the morning as there’s little school morning hassle with this cut, leaving you ready to wake up and go!

5. The Curls Haircut

Finally, one for those with curly hair! In the past, boys with curly hair have struggled to get the same cool style as their peers, due to the texture and shape of their hair limiting cuts. This is no more! Curls have become incredibly popular amongst young boys (to the point where older teenagers have started perming their hair to get the look)! If your young man has naturally curly hair we recommend this style: similar to ‘The Quiff’, this one is short on the sides and longer on the top. The perk of this is that very little styling is needed and they’re ready to go! Of course, this depends on the curl though and you may need to use a some product or a wide tooth comb to get the best results. Overall, there are many options for young men out there. We often think that boys are more limited as they tend to opt for a shorter haircut, however, with these style options, hopefully you and your little one can find the perfect and most stylish, cut for them. Looking for to best Hair salon for kids in Sutton Coldfield? Visit Kids hair play now or book your appointment.
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