How to Wash Your Toddler's Hair without Fuss?

How to Wash Your Toddler’s Hair without Fuss?
Every child reaches the age called “toddler” when they start learning new things, throwing tantrums, and developing as a person. During this time, one of the most common concerns for every parent is “the best way to wash the hair of my toddler”, because it is a moot point! If you are a parent or caregiver of a baby, you need to take note of a few tips and tricks that we are going to share in this guide to make washing your baby’s hair manageable and enjoyable for both you and your toddler.

Things to keep in mind while Washing Toddler’s Hair

Bathing a toddler can still be fun but washing their hair is really a challenge. 9 out of 10 children are afraid of getting water in their eyes and ears, which makes the process of hair washing taken seriously. Meanwhile, it is equally important to make your toddler feel happy while taking a bath or washing their hair. Pinpoint below tips and tricks:

1. Double check water temperature

Too hot or too cold water can disrupt the experience of washing your baby’s hair. So, make sure the water is warm and comfortable for them. Of course, you would never want them to be uncomfortable while involved in the hair-washing process!

2. Buy a tear-free shampoo and conditioner

The market is full of options when it comes to buying something for newborns, babies, and young children. But, you need to be careful with some gimmicky products that claim to go perfectly for your little one. Be sure to buy tear-free shampoo and conditioner that are specially designed for toddlers. Such shampoos and conditioners are chemical-free and are gentle on the eyes as well. Your baby will not feel discomfort or irritation if the shampoo accidentally gets into their eyes.

3. Offer their favourite toys

Toddlers are really special. They have certain types of toys that fall into the favourites list. You can distract them with their favourite toys or give them something between hair-washing sessions. An idea would also help you to wash their hair properly as they get busy playing with their toys and sitting or standing still.

4. Pay a little more care

You have to find ways to wash their hair making sure the shampoo doesn’t get in their eyes. The best way to do this is to apply it from the back of the head and keep moving. This will help make the hair wash experience better for them and for you too.

5. Use a soft sponge

Make sure to use a soft and good-quality sponge to wash your baby’s hair gently and without any hassle. The tangle or knot of hair can be easily solved by using a sponge. Also Read: List of Best Trending Boys’ Top Hairstyles 

6. Remove the shampoo after wash

After washing the hair make sure to rinse the hair thoroughly to remove the shampoo and conditioner. If you neglect to remove the shampoo or conditioner, it may cause irritation or discomfort to your babies.

7. Avoid rubbing or pulling their hair

Instead of rubbing their hair or pulling it to dry, make sure to towel dry their hair with proper care. When you let their hair dry gently with a towel, it will make washing their hair a great experience. All the above tips and tricks are enough to make the experience of washing your baby’s hair enjoyable and a bonding moment for you and your baby. If we have missed something, then you can suggest it through the below comment box.
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