Childs Hair Salon vs Adult Hair Salons with a Childs Chair?

Childs Hair Salon vs Adult Hair Salons with a Childs Chair?
There are a lot of hairdressers and salons around, and choosing one for your child can be difficult. After all, you are sure to want someone who will take care of their precious hair. This doesn’t mean having to go to a salon for adults and hoping for the best – many of which are not set up for children and their unique needs – it means finding a reliable children’s salon near you.

The Benefits of Choosing a Children’s Hair Salon

1. Experienced With Nervous or Scared Little Ones –

A lot of children are scared or nervous about going to the hairdressers, especially if it’s one of their first haircuts. When you choose a children’s salon, you can relax knowing that the hairdressers are experienced and knowledgeable about working with children.

2. Lots of Distraction Techniques on Hand –

A salon for adults is designed with adults in mind, but a children’s salon is not. At a children’s salon, everything has been thought about from the perspective of a child. This means there are distractions, things to look at and ways to keep them entertained.

3. Know How to Make a Haircut Fun and Enjoyable –

As an adult, a haircut is the ideal time to unwind and have some ‘me’ time, but children don’t see things in the same way. This is why a children’s salon works hard to make a haircut fun and enjoyable. At Hair Play, we know the tips and tricks to making a haircut something a child looks forward to.

4. Everything is Aimed at Making Children Feel Comfortable –

At a children’s salon, everything is aimed at making children feel comfortable and at ease. From welcoming lighting and decor, to comfortable child-size chairs and toys, every last detail has been chosen with children in mind.

5. Lots of Friendly Stylists to Choose From –

At a children’s salon, there are multiple stylists available. Each of these are experienced with children’s haircuts and they know the importance of being friendly, smiley and welcoming. You can head to a children’s salon, knowing that your little one will be seen by someone who knows how to handle nervous or excitable children. Though there are a number of adult salons that have a child’s toy chair, very few have the skills and experience needed to make a haircut enjoyable for young children. Luckily, this is where we come in. At our children’s hairdressers, we are dedicated to making haircuts as fun as possible for children of all ages. Get in touch to find out more or to book an appointment.
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