Salon Quality Hair

Maintaining Salon Quality Hair.

AKA How on earth do I keep my child’s hair tangle free?

Don’t you just love leaving the salon? Your hair is freshly styled and is exactly everything you dreamed/hoped for. When you leave it somehow feels like silk and you’re pretty sure the hairdresser hid their magic wand during its creation. Did we even realise it was possible for a child’s hair to be so smooth and beautiful when they spend 99% of their time getting knots in it which we’re pretty sure must have required a Navy specialist? Seriously,  Salon Quality Hair? HOW DO THEY DO IT? Now, we know you pay your hard-earned cash getting your little one’s hair cut, which means we REALLY understand how frustrating it is when a couple of days later when it comes to washing their hair you discover a new arrangement of knots inside. Plus, we really don’t want you having to put up with the tears that come along with it either! It can often be a painful process for children and an extremely unenjoyable one for you too.
Salon Quality Everytime
Salon Quality Every Time

Our Top Tips:


We know that conditioner is the one that makes hair soft and supple, so we often take for granted the shampoo we use for our children’s hair. We would always recommend a gentle shampoo and preferably one that has some essential oils, or similar, in. In particular, tea tree oil shampoo can be perfect for children that suffer from a dry scalp or cradle cap, ensuring a healthy scalp and healthy hair.
No Tears Everytime
No Tears Every Time


Conditioning is a crucial part of any hair care routine and we often find that parents buy children’s branded hair conditioner for their children. Why wouldn’t they? It’s branded towards them and often looks a lot more fun and friendly than the grown-up stuff! However, adults’ hair products typically have better conditioning properties, so if your child particularly struggles with tangled hair give your conditioner a try instead. If they really like the packaging of their old shampoo you could always transfer a little of yours into the empty bottle. They still get the engagement of the childish and engaging packaging, and you get the benefit of deep conditioning! Remember, you want to give the product time to do its job too: the longer you leave it in for, the better.


We would highly recommend combing you child’s hair regularly, using a wide tooth comb or a specialised detangle brush (you can pick these up relatively cheap now). Combing hair out BEFORE bath time helps ensure any pre-existing knots don’t get any worse and become too matted. Then, tie it up before bed if they have long hair – this will help ensure they can get a good night’s rest without any knots developing overnight. A low ponytail is perfect for this as it doesn’t interfere too much with how your child sleeps. If you are using this as part of your morning or day routine then we would recommend a detangle spray to help you just a little bit more. There’s loads of these available and you certainly don’t have to pay a fortune in order to get a spray which does the job.
Taming Little Tigers
Taming Little Tigers

Regular Trims

Finally, a regular trim is key to having healthy hair. If we trim our hair regularly, we get rid of the dry dead ends and our hair is healthier and better conditioned. Without these ends your child’s hair is less likely to become matted and tangled, especially during winter months when they are wearing hats and scarfs, which only aggravate the problems of dry hair even further. Book Now
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