How much does a Kids' Haircut Cost in Birmingham?

How much does a Kids’ Haircut Cost in Birmingham?

Choosing the right salon for your child’s haircut in Birmingham is important, and knowing what services are available and their associated costs is key to making an informed decision. Kids Hair Play, a leading kids’ hair salon in Birmingham, offers a range of services to meet your child’s unique grooming needs.

This guide will provide an overview of our main services and pricing, ensuring you have all the information you need before your visit.

Kids Hair Style Pricing at Kids Hair Play Birmingham

1. Dry Cut – £15.00:

Our standard dry cut is priced at £15.00, making it an affordable choice for a simple trim to keep your child’s hair neat and tidy.

2. Wash Cut and Blow Dry – £25.00:

For a more comprehensive experience, including a wash, cut, and professional blow-dry, the cost is £25.00. This service is perfect for children who want a complete and polished look.

3. First Cut Package – £25.00:

Our special First Cut Package is designed to commemorate your child’s first haircut. For £25.00, this package includes a haircut, a framed photograph, a presentation box with a locket of hair, and a free gift. It’s a cherished experience for both parents and children.

4. Pamper Package – £22.00:

The Pamper Package at £22.00 is a delightful treat for your child. It includes plaits or curls, nails, glitter spray, and a glitter tattoo, providing a fun and memorable grooming session.

5. Hair Updo – From £15.00:

If your child has a special event or just wants a fun and stylish updo, our hair updo services start from £15.00. Our talented stylists can create a variety of looks to suit your child’s preferences.

6. Family Packages:

Daddy & Me – £30.00: This package includes a dry cut for both dad and the little one, making it a convenient and bonding experience.

Mommy & Me – £30.00: Similar to the Daddy & Me package, this includes a dry cut for both mom and the little one.

Mommy & Me (Wash Cut and Blow-dry) – £50.00: Upgrade to the wash, cut, and blow-dry option for both mom and child, ensuring you both leave the salon looking your best.

For more detailed information on our pricing, visit our pricing page.

Kids Hair Play in Birmingham offers a range of services to cater to your child’s unique grooming needs, ensuring they leave our salon with a stylish and confidence-boosting haircut.

Whether it’s a standard dry cut, a pamper package, or a special First Cut Package to commemorate the occasion, we provide a variety of options to suit your preferences and budget. Our professional stylists are dedicated to making your child’s grooming experience enjoyable and memorable.

Visit Kids Hair Play for top-quality children’s haircuts and grooming services in Birmingham. Our services start from just £3 and go up to £50, ensuring a service fits every budget and requirement.

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