Experience Joy: Pamper Packages and Family Fun at Kids Hair Play

Experience Joy: Pamper Packages and Family Fun at Kids Hair Play

In the bustling world of parenting, finding moments for self-care and family bonding can feel like a luxury. Enter Kids Hair Play, where we redefine the salon experience not just as a haircut appointment but as a destination for pampering (Pamper Packages), family packages, and precious ‘Mommy Time.’ Join us as we explore the array of services designed to make your visit a delightful and indulgent experience.

Pamper Party Packages: A Treat for Every Child:

At Kids Hair Play, we believe every child deserves a touch of luxury. Our pamper packages go beyond the ordinary, offering a range of delightful services to make your child’s salon visit an unforgettable treat.

1. First Hair Cut Package:

   – Commemorate this special milestone with our First Hair Cut Package. It includes a personalised framed photograph, a presentation box with a locket of your child’s hair, and a special free gift. It’s more than just a haircut; it’s a cherished memory.

2. Pamper Party Package:

   – Indulge your child in our Pamper Package, a treat designed to make them feel like royalty. With options like plaits, curls, nails, glitter spray, and glitter tattoos, it’s a pampering session they’ll remember.

Family Packages: Creating Memories Together:

Family time is precious, and at Kids Hair Play, we’ve curated special packages that allow you to bond and create lasting memories with your little ones.

1. Mommy and Me:

   – Share a special salon experience with your child. Both mommy and child receive a dry cut, ensuring you both leave the salon looking fabulous and ready for your next adventure together.

2. Daddy and Me:

   – Dads, we haven’t forgotten you! Our Daddy and Me package offer a cool and crisp dry cut for both father and child, making it a bonding experience you’ll both enjoy.

3. Mommy, Daddy and Me:

   – For the ultimate family pampering, opt for our Mommy, Daddy, and Me package. Mom enjoys a wash, cut, and blow-dry, while dad and child get a dry cut. It’s a family affair at its finest.

Mommy Time: A Sanctuary for Parents:
We understand the challenges parents face in finding time for themselves. Our unique ‘Mommy Time’ service allows you to bring your child into the salon, where our team takes excellent care of them while you indulge in the hair treatment you’ve been longing for.

Pamper Parties & Mommy Time

Pamper Parties: Celebrate in Style:

Make your child’s special day extraordinary with our Pamper Parties. These packages are a unique way for your little one to celebrate birthdays or special occasions. They can bring their friends along, enjoy pampering, get their hair styled, and revel in a day filled with laughter and joy.

The Hair Play Experience where Every Visit is an Adventure:
At Kids Hair Play, we’ve transformed the conventional salon visit into a journey of pampering and family fun. Whether it’s your child’s first haircut, a family bonding session, a moment of ‘Mommy Time,’ or a grand celebration with friends, we’ve crafted our services to ensure every visit is an adventure.

Allow us to be more than just a salon; let us be your family’s destination for relaxation, bonding, and celebration. Book your appointment at Kids Hair Play and experience the joy of haircare in a whole new way.

Indulge, celebrate, and create memories – all at Kids Hair Play, where every visit is an extraordinary experience!

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