7 Cute Hairstyles for Curly Haired Kids

7 Cute Hairstyles for Curly Haired Kids

Curly hair not only gives you a cute look but also defines your uniqueness. If your child has curly hair and both of you are tired of frizzy and tangled hair from time to time, then this blog post is the best way to try out different curly hairstyles that will suit your child without disturbing their comfort and gives an attractive look.

Instead of tying ponytails or leaving their hair open, we have come up with some amazing hairdo ideas that will enhance your child’s personality.

Adorn Long or Short Curly Hair with Confidence

Every parent wants their child to look beautiful and unique. If a child has curly hair, then maintaining their hair, shampooing, combing and hairstyling schedule can definitely become a big challenge.

Try some hairstyles for curly hair

#1. Braids

Braids Hair cut

If you do not want to experiment much with your child’s curly hair, then ponytails can be the best alternative hairstyle for different occasions. This is one of the most versatile hairstyles that suit different hair types whether it is silky, frizzy, curly, or wavy. You can also make your look unique by making a side braid or fishtail braid. Such braids will make your kids look neat and attractive.

#2. Twist out

Twist out

This is a suitable hairstyle for kids with naturally curly hair. Firstly, you need to divide their hair into small sections and twist each section, and lock each section with bobby pins. Then, let them sit for a few hours or overnight. When you open them, it looks bouncy and bubbly.

#3. Pigtails


Pigtail is an evergreen hairstyle that always enhances the personality. The hairstyle looks best when you make pigtails in damp or wet hair. To style the pigtails, divide your hair into two sections and make two loose braids, securing them at the ends with an elastic rubber band. This hairstyle is perfect for active or playful kids.

#4. Top knot

First, gather the hair on the top of the head and make a messy bun. Then leave some curls open around the face to make the look cute. Additionally, add a scarf or hairband to create a unique new look. This hairstyle works wonders for kids with curly and fine hair.

#5. Half up, half down

If you want your child to show off her curls, then half-up, half-down is the most suitable hairstyle. Divide the hair into two sections, top and bottom. Then pull back the top section and secure it with a rubber band and leave the rest of the hair loose. You can add hair accessories like beads, clips, bows, or sparkles to make the look unique.

#6. Crown braid

The Crown braid is a cute and beautiful hairstyle that gives your child a great look for formal to party occasions. You have to start braiding a section of hair on one side of the head and then braid another section of hair on the other side. Gather the braids and secure them with pins. It will make your baby look like a princess. Add some glitter to make them look like their favorite cartoon character.

#7. Afro puffs

This hairstyle for kids with curly hair looks cute and natural. However, this is one of the easiest hairstyles that you can choose for your kids. Gather all hair into two or more puffs and secure each puff with an elastic rubber band. That’s it, your kid is all set to spread the charm. To add some extra flair to her style, add a sprinkle of glitter or a hairband to give it a little personal touch.


Who says curly hair is a curse? Try any of the above-mentioned curly hairstyles, especially for kids with curly hair, and prove them wrong.

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